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July 12, 2012

Upon reaching a settlement, this case has been dismissed based on a joint motion of the plaintiffs and the defendants. However, as noted in the intervenors' response to the motion to dismiss, “Intervenor-Defendants were not allowed to, and did not, participate in the negotiations that led to the Settlement Agreement on which the Motion to Dismiss is based. Intervenor-Defendants did not draft any portions of the Settlement Agreement, are not parties to it, and take no position on the need for or appropriateness of its provisions.”

U.S. Chamber files brief addressing designation of energy corridors on federal lands

December 17, 2009

NCLC filed a motion to intervene in a case addressing whether the U.S. government violated the Energy Policy Act when it designated certain energy corridors on federal lands in western states. In its motion, NCLC noted that its motion was timely, and that the current parties do not adequately represent the interests of the U.S. Chamber's members. A reliable and affordable energy supply is vital for the businesses that provide goods, services, and jobs for the nation. Increased transmission will keep energy costs down for those businesses served by the proposed energy corridors.

U.S. Chamber motion to intervene filed 12/17/09. Motion to intervene granted 3/9/11. Dismissed 7/12/12.

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