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California Court of Appeal reverses judgment granting retailers’ motion to dismiss retail-price-discount claims brought under California Business & Professions Code 17501 by City of Los Angeles using contingency fee counsel

April 16, 2019

Click here to view the opinion.

The Court of Appeal rejected the trial court’s conclusions that Section 17501 violates the free speech and due process requirements of the U.S. and California constitutions. The U.S. Chamber joined a coalition brief arguing in support of affirmance.

U.S. Chamber joins coalition amicus brief arguing Court of Appeal should affirm trial court’s judgment that California Section 17501’s prohibition against retailer advertising of price discounts is unconstitutional

December 03, 2018

Click here to view the amicus brief filed by the U.S. Chamber, Retail Litigation Center, Inc., National Retail Federation, and California Retailers Association.

Mark R. Yohalem and Ariel C. Green of Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP served as co-counsel for the coalition.

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