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Washington Supreme Court upholds Washington's disclosure and registration requirements

September 13, 2007

The Superior Court held that advertisements discussing the public record of a state official were express advocacy and that Washington’s disclosure and registration requirements applied. The Washington Supreme Court also determined that the ads run by the VEC could be viewed as opposing one of the candidates. Consequently, the Washington Supreme Court concluded that Washington law required the VEC to disclose the sources of funding.

Motion for leave to file an amicus brief in opposition to the plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment filed in King County Superior Court 11/24/04. Oral argument held 12/3/04. Order granting motion for leave to file brief issued 12/15/04. Oral argument held 8/12/05. Decided 8/12/05. Amicus brief filed in Washington Supreme Court 5/3/06. Oral argument held 5/25/06. Decided 9/13/07.

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