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Ninth Circuit decides corporate liability under the Alien Tort Statute

September 17, 2007

Finding that the issue before the court should be resolved by the political branches, the Ninth Circuit upheld the district court’s dismissal of Alien Tort Statute claims.

U.S. Chamber files amicus brief

June 14, 2006

NCLC asked the Ninth Circuit to uphold the district court’s dismissal of Alien Tort Statute claims against the manufacturer of a military bulldozer that ran over and killed a peace activist in the Gaza Strip. The suit, which was filed by the activist’s family, alleged that the manufacturer aided and abetted war crimes in violation of the law of nations. The district court held that Israeli tort law provided adequate remedies for the plaintiffs and that the Torture Victims Protection Act provides exclusive remedies for allegations of extrajudicial killing under color of foreign law. In its brief, NCLC made clear that the Alien Tort Statute does not provide for corporate or aiding and abetting liability.

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