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4140035, S216098


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Calfiornia Court of Appeals holds the defendant was not subject to general jurisdiction in California

July 30, 2014

The California Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court's order and concluded that it is consistent with due process to require BMS to defend the RPI's claims before the trial court in coordination with the claims of the California resident plaintiffs.

Previously the California Supreme Court granted the petition, ordered the lower court to vacate its ruling, and ordered the lower court to “show cause” why the defendant’s relief should not be granted.

Decided in the California Court of Appeals 7/30/2014.

U.S. Chamber amicus brief filed in California Court of Appeals 4/14/2014.

Decided in the California Supreme Court on 2/26/2014.

Chamber coalition amicus letterto California Supreme Court submitted 2/13/2014.

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