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Motion for rehearing denied

October 03, 2014

U.S. Chamber urges Texas Supreme Court to clarify proper application of “Texas resident exception” to the Texas forum non-conveniens statute

September 02, 2014

In its amicus letter, the U.S. Chamber asked the Texas Supreme Court to grant Ford’s petition for rehearing. The letter argues that rehearing should be granted in order to respect, reaffirm, and judicially enforce the limits that the Texas Legislature has placed on litigation in Texas courts. The letters states that if the decision is left to stand, it would allow for the manipulation of venue rules in a manner that threatens the State’s ability to continue to attract and foster business. Finally, the Chamber points out that rehearing is warranted to ensure a construction of the State’s forum non conveniens statute that does not inadvertently invite unnecessary litigation.

Allyson N. Ho of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP represented the U.S Chamber as co-counsel to the U.S. Chamber Litigation Center.

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