U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky

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District Court holds that the Tax Mandate violates the Constitution’s Spending Clause, and permanently enjoins the U.S. Department of the Treasury from enforcing the Tax Mandate against the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the State of Tennessee

September 24, 2021

Click here to view the opinion.

U.S. Chamber files coalition amicus brief supporting the motion for summary judgment by Kentucky and Tennessee challenging the provision of the recent Covid relief bill that effectively precludes States from offering net tax relief to their citizens

July 12, 2021

Click here to view the amicus brief filed jointly by the U.S. Chamber and National Federation of Independent Business. Paul D. Clement and Erin E. Murphy of Kirkland & Ellis LLP and the U.S. Chamber’s Litigation Center served as co-counsel for the U.S. Chamber.

The U.S. Chamber has filed similar briefs supporting similar challenges by other States.

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