January 29, 2021


Initiative Focuses on Addressing Underrepresentation of Black Board Directors and Commits to Identifying, Preparing, and Connecting 250 Black Business Executives to Board Opportunities

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the authority on boardroom practices representing more than 21,000 board members, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (U.S. Chamber), the world’s largest business organization representing companies of all sizes across every sector of the economy, today announced a partnership to advance boardroom diversity. Building on both organizations’ longstanding commitment to diversity and equality of opportunity, this initiative aims to increase opportunities for Black business leaders to further their contributions to the economy through board service.

“We consider diversity as a business imperative and we know that companies that embrace diversity outperform others,” said Peter R. Gleason, CEO of NACD. “Not only does this initiative increase opportunities for Black executives to serve on boards, but by diversifying the candidate pool, boards will be able to tap into fresh skillsets that are desperately needed in board and corporate governance today.”

In 2019, 37% of S&P 500 firms did not have any Black board members, and Black directors comprised just 4.1% of Russell 3000 board members. Boards often cite the lack of qualified black directors in the pipeline for board service as the reason for their lack of diversity.

Through this initiative, NACD and the U.S. Chamber are broadening the pipeline by opening doors for Black executives who have the business leadership experience, skills and judgment to serve on boards, but who lack the access and visibility needed to be considered. The initial goal is to identify at least 250 Black business leaders to join the Accelerate program by 2022.

Building upon the U.S. Chamber’s Equality of Opportunity initiative, and NACD Accelerate™, this initiative will provide education and exposure to ensure participants receive foundational instruction on the role of board and corporate governance. NACD Accelerate is a unique two-year program that creates a pathway for executives with little or no experience in the boardroom to prepare for board service. Participants will be provided with the tools, resources, and exposure that are essential to launching a successful career as a director. NACD Accelerate™ is the only NACD program that does not require current board service.

"Increasing diversity in business, including in the boardroom, is not only the right thing to do—it's the smart thing. Greater diversity helps companies get closer to their customers, recruit from a richer pool of talent and experience, and bring different ideas and viewpoints to their business. It is also an important way we can help solve opportunity gaps that have held back too many Americans from achieving their full potential," said Suzanne Clark, President of the U.S. Chamber.

For more information about this board diversity initiative, visit: NACD Accelerate and Equality of Opportunity initiative.

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