December 16, 2021


New Polling Numbers Report Arizonans Oppose Reconciliation as Inflation and Budget Gimmicks are Key Concerns

WASHINGTON, D.C. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced a statewide advocacy campaign in opposition to the nearly $2 trillion reconciliation bill being considered in the Senate.

New polling data reports that Senator Kyrsten Sinema has a net positive favorable rating among Arizona voters (42-37%). Six out of ten (61%) agree she deserves reelection as she resists the extremes of both parties and has improved legislation for Arizona by taking an independent position on issues.

“We encourage Senator Kyrsten Sinema to continue to stand up against this tax and spend bill that will drive up inflation for Arizonans,” said Suzanne P. Clark, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “As Arizona businesses and workers confront economic challenges and a fragile recovery, it would be reckless to pass a bill that will only drive-up everyday costs more. We thank Senator Sinema for asking the tough questions about this bill and urge her to keep up the fight as we work to get our country moving forward again.”

Arizonans are solidly opposed to the reconciliation bill. More than six out of ten (63%) are less likely to support this bill when they learn it will lead to more inflation. Sixty percent (60%) oppose it when hearing the bill isn’t paid for and uses budget gimmicks to hide the true cost. Fifty-nine percent (59%) are opposed to the bill because it already includes $1.5 trillion in permanent new taxes, and when new programs sunset Congress will have to enact more tax increases.

The Arizona and U.S. Chambers launched a radio ad campaign encouraging Senator Kyrsten Sinema to “Stand Up” against the reconciliation legislation that will lead to higher inflation, is paid for with budget gimmicks and will require even more tax increases for newly proposed programs that will sunset after a few years.

On Tuesday, December 14 the Arizona and U.S. Chamber hosted a tele-town hall with more than 5,000 constituents who tuned in.

The Arizona and U.S. Chamber have digital billboards going live in the Phoenix market encouraging Senator Sinema to keep putting Arizona first and are running full page newspaper ads this Sunday in the Arizona Republic and Arizona Daily Star.

AZ Sinema ad2

This latest campaign follows television advocacy campaigns launched by the Chamber in September and October, urging Members of Congress across the country to oppose reconciliation. In addition, the Chamber launched an aggressive advertising campaign in November that targeted Members of Congress in Washington, D.C. and highlighted the impact reconciliation will have on inflation.

“Stand Up, Senator Sinema” Transcript

NARRATOR: Higher gas prices and skyrocketing grocery bills are crippling Arizona families.

But we count on Senator Kyrsten Sinema to be our voice - someone who will stand up for us.

Like when it comes to the reconciliation bill that would add to inflation.

When you dig into the details, the bill isn’t really paid for. The truth? It’s riddled with budget gimmicks to hide the true cost. Without the gimmicks, the bill costs twice as much as supporters claim.

The reconciliation bill already includes one point five trillion in permanent tax increases. But much of the spending - including for programs like the expanded child tax credit and childcare subsidies - ends after a few years. As a result, Congress will have to enact even more tax increases to continue these programs.

Call Senator Kyrsten Sinema and tell her to oppose the reconciliation bill, and ask her to stand up for Arizona families.