May 27, 2023


WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Suzanne P. Clark released the following statement regarding the President and congressional leaders reaching an agreement on preventing a default on the national debt:

“Americans deserve a government that works. With the news of a deal to avert a debt ceiling crisis, the President and congressional leaders have shown they can come together on a bipartisan basis and act in the best interests of our country. Federal leaders should use this opportunity to limit out-of-control spending to avoid simply passing on the issue to future generations. Members of Congress must finish the job and send the bill to the President’s desk to be signed into law without delay. The gravity of this moment cannot be overstated, and thus, this will be a Chamber Key Vote.

“While we are one important step closer to averting an economic crisis, the United States will continue to confront debt limit drama in the future if our leaders don’t find sensible ways to reduce federal spending and lower the national debt. Other fiscal challenges are on the horizon, such as ensuring the solvency of Social Security and Medicare and addressing the expiring tax provisions from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

“We are a great nation, capable of doing hard things. Let’s seize the momentum of this bipartisan deal and work together to secure our nation’s economic future and competitiveness.”