December 02, 2021


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a new radio ad campaign thanking Senator Joe Manchin for protecting West Virginians from rising prices and protecting local jobs.

The West Virginia and U.S. Chambers also released results of a new survey that found West Virginia voters continue to strongly support Senator Manchin and are opposed to the reconciliation legislation being deliberated in the U.S. Senate.

The statewide survey finds Senator Manchin with a strong 52 percent favorable rating among all West Virginia voters. In addition, nearly 60 percent agree that Senator Manchin has represented West Virginia well in the U.S. Senate and deserves re-election because he resists the extremes of both parties and has improved legislation for West Virginia by taking an independent position on issues.

“The West Virginia Chamber, along with our partner in the U.S. Chamber, are proud to continue supporting Senator Joe Manchin as he stands strongly in support of protecting jobs, opportunity, and our way of life in West Virginia from a massive government spending bill that will undoubtedly grow inflation and hurt our hardworking citizens right here at home,” said Steve Roberts, President and CEO of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. “It’s no surprise to any of us in West Virginia that our voters solidly back Senator Manchin as he represents the needs of our great state in the U.S. Senate. We will continue to stand behind him as he fights against regulation that will increase costs and diminish opportunity when our nation and state are trying to get back on track.”

When asked about the $1.75 trillion-dollar social welfare and climate change bill, more than six out of 10 West Virginians think the legislation is unnecessary. Further, their opposition grows when they hear more about the likely ramifications relating to inflation and the budget gimmicks in the legislation.

Nearly 70 percent of voters indicate they would be less likely to support the reconciliation bill when learning it would add to inflation in the next two years, raising prices for American families.

Additionally, 63 percent of West Virginians are less likely to support the massive bill when hearing it is not paid for, and instead uses budget gimmicks like pretending programs will end after only a year to hide the true cost. Without the gimmicks, the bill will cost twice as much as supporters claim.

“Thank You, Senator Manchin” Transcript

NARRATOR: With all the madness in Washington, Senator Manchin never stops fighting for West Virginia. He’s protecting workers and our families.

Senator Manchin, thank you for fighting against higher taxes and inflation. Gas and groceries are expensive enough.

Call Senator Joe Manchin and thank him for fighting for us and opposing bills that will raise prices for WV families….and ask him to never stop fighting for West Virginia.