May 26, 2021


The Washington Times published this letter to the editor from the Chamber's Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley:

The Times’ editorial “Appeasing the crocodiles: The Chamber of Commerce learns a costly lesson” seems grounded in the mistaken notion that the U.S. Chamber is a partisan political organization. Our mission is to make our country the best place for business owners to create jobs, grow the economy and improve Americans’ lives. Period.

Like the editors at The Times, the Chamber is disappointed in the 14 freshmen Democrats we endorsed in the last cycle who voted for the PRO Act. But we are also disappointed in the four Republicans we endorsed who also supported it. Each of these members will have to earn the Chambers’ endorsement in the next cycle, and their vote in favor of the PRO Act has made that more difficult.

Free enterprise is far too important to become just another partisan issue in our polarized political system. The Chamber is committed to working to build champions of free enterprise, regardless of party.