Support letter for murkowksi manchin federal energy and water performance act 6 25 19


June 25, 2019


Dear Chairwoman Murkowski and Ranking Member Manchin:

We write today to support your introduction of the Federal Energy and Water Management Performance Act of 2019. We are excited that the bill will re-assert federal leadership by authorizing new forward-looking energy intensity and water reduction goals that recognize past agency performance. This legislation will make significant contributions to reducing the carbon footprint associated with energy and water waste within federal agencies through common-sense cost-saving measures. We also appreciate that the bill explicitly authorizes the critical Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) at the Department of Energy (DOE).

As you know, the federal government has had energy intensity reduction goals in statute for more than a decade. The last set of goals, which were set in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and amended by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, expired in 2015. Most recently, energy use intensity (EUI) targets extended by Executive Order were revoked, causing a void in federal leadership in energy efficiency for the first time since agency energy targets began two decades ago. These goals really do drive agencies to be more efficient. In fact, on average, our federal buildings were 26.7% less energy intensive in 2017 than in 2003. Much of the improvement, particularly in recent years, has been the result of an increased use of performance contracting to achieve energy and water reductions which require no up-front cost to the federal government.

Water reduction goals have also been exceeded by agencies, but we believe even more reductions and savings can be realized by setting new more appropriate goals that reflect that successful performance. Agencies had been required to reduce water consumption intensity by 20% below 2007 levels by 2015. By 2017, they had reduced water intensity by 26.1%. Even more reductions can be achieved, and we recommend utilizing performance-based contracts to meet agency energy and water goals established in this bill.
We are glad to see explicit authorization of FEMP. This small, but impactful program within DOE is tasked with helping all agencies of the federal government use energy related resources more wisely. The trainings, technical assistance, evaluations, and oversight it provides is invaluable, regardless of the specific priorities of the day.

We appreciate your bipartisan leadership to introduce the Federal Energy and Water Management Performance Act and support your efforts authorize this important program.


Alliance to Save Energy
American Counsel for an Energy Efficient Economy
Energy Systems Group
Federal Performance Contracting Coalition
Hannon Armstrong
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
National Association of Energy Service Companies
National Association of Manufacturers
National Association of State Energy Officials
Siemens Corporation USA
Schneider Electric
Southland Energy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Green Buildings Council

Support letter for murkowksi manchin federal energy and water performance act 6 25 19