5 2 17 aai coalition letter to house and senate appropriations leaders supporting appropriations for implementation of lsca


May 02, 2017


Dear Chairmen:

We are writing as members of the American Alliance for Innovation (AAI), an alliance of trade associations along the chemistry value chain, to urge you to appropriate sufficient funds in FY18 to enable the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fully implement the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (LCSA; Public Law 114-182). The LCSA amends the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to modernize the way chemicals are regulated in the United States.

AAI members represent businesses both large and small spread across the economy. We represent many major sectors of our economy—all along the chemistry value chain—including aerospace, agriculture, apparel, automotive, building and construction materials, chemical and raw material production, consumer and industrial goods, distribution, electronics, energy, equipment manufacturers, food and grocery, footwear, healthcare products and medical technology, information technology, mining and metals, paper products, plastics, retail, storage, and travel goods.

The LCSA stipulates that the TSCA program be funded through a combination of Congressional appropriations, as well as new industry fees up to $25 million per year—a funding concept that industry supports. The statute requires TSCA to be funded, at a minimum, at 2014 levels, or $56 million annually, in order for these industry fees to apply. Appropriating a funding level that ensures contribution from industry fees is critical to a properly functioning TSCA. We are supportive of President Trump’s current FY18 budget proposal to provide an additional $14 million to EPA to help fund LCSA implementation, and we urge that you not cut the EPA budget proposal as it relates to LCSA implementation. It is imperative that the Agency be appropriated the funds it needs to properly and efficiently execute the requirements of the Lautenberg Act.

Efficient, effective implementation of the LCSA is critical to further ensuring the safe use of chemicals, while encouraging innovation and the development of new products, and maintaining America’s ability to compete in today’s global marketplace. Providing EPA with the resources it needs to implement LCSA and operate the TSCA program is a top priority for each of our organizations, since it will have a profound impact on the products we make and/or the services we provide, and the millions of workers we represent. Thank you for your leadership and your consideration of this important matter, and please let us know if you have any questions.

(See letter for list of coalition sign-ons)

5 2 17 aai coalition letter to house and senate appropriations leaders supporting appropriations for implementation of lsca