May 26, 2021


Washington, D.C.—The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation today announced a new initiative to help realize a more sustainable future for plastics. Funded by Brian Sheth and Adria Sheth’s Sangreal Foundation, the initiative will identify opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of plastics, while helping businesses make their plastics value chain more sustainable.

“From surgical masks to single-use cups, plastics played a key role in our lives as we confronted the pandemic,” said Marc DeCourcey, senior vice president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. “Sustainable management of plastics will be critical to the next phase of COVID-19 recovery, and as we work to create a thriving economy that is good for people and the planet. Through this initiative, we look forward to working with the business community to drive significant progress in plastics sustainability and innovation.”

Measures to reduce plastic demand include increased recycling, composting and reuse, but these systems take time to build. Investments in research and development (R&D), multi-sector collaboration, and education are needed to solve the plastics challenge. Achieving sustainability in plastics is multi-faceted, and solutions will require new thinking, bold approaches and deep collaborations with a diverse set of stakeholders.

To help address these issues, the U.S. Chamber Foundation hired a Sustainability Fellow supported by Sheth Sangreal Foundation, who will focus on researching innovations across the plastics value chain, from materials engineering and industrial design to consumer use and recycling infrastructure. The initiative will convene dialogues with stakeholders ranging from innovators to investors, to explore opportunities and challenges faced in achieving plastics circularity. These dialogues will inform new research and educational materials with an aim to raise awareness among the public and business community, while driving action toward solutions.

“The critical need for businesses all over the country is to identify a set of standard practices to guide safe and sustainable paths to reduce their environmental impact,” said Brian Sheth, founder of Sheth Sangreal Foundation. “It is imperative that the full lifecycle of these practices is studied to ensure they don’t lead to additional negative impacts and damage to our planet and its people. These solutions cannot be accomplished by government mandates alone. This initiative, led by science, will bring public and private stakeholders – from Wall Street and government, including local officials, to the world’s largest network of conservation leaders – to the same table to solve this global issue.”

To learn more about the initiative, read our Sustainability Fellow Kyla Fisher’s recent article or email her at

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