The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, together with Airbus and RTX, will convene companies large and small, government agencies, lawmakers, and experts from across the globe for conversations on issues unique to the aerospace industry. 

One of the defining qualities of the industry is its rapid change and the U.S. Chamber is here to help you stay ahead of the curve. This guide is designed to arm you with knowledge and insights into the Global Aerospace Summit and to provide you with the tools necessary to demonstrate the benefits and imperative for you to attend on behalf of your organization.  

The theme of the 3rd Annual Global Aerospace Summit is Shaping the Future of Aerospace, and the U.S. Chamber will host the in-person only program on Tuesday, September 10th and Wednesday, September 11th in Washington, DC.

Major topics to be discussed during the two-day program include: 

  • Innovating, Manufacturing, and Service Entry of New Commercial Technologies 
  • Charting a Sustainable Future 
  • U.S. Leadership in Aerospace 
  • Geopolitical Risk and Supply Chain Resilience
  • Legislative, Policy, and Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities


The Advantages of Attendance 

Enhance your situational awareness

With more than 16 hours of plenary programming and hundreds of industry insiders, the sessions and policy round tables covering aviation, space, and defense issues are shaping the future of flight.

Uniquely, the Global Aerospace Summit convenes industry CEOs, providing the audience with boardroom insights into the latest trends and actionable solutions.

Expand your professional network

Rarely does an event bring together leading aerospace companies with members of Congress, administration officials, and other influencers in these sectors.

During a jam-packed two days, you'll have opportunity to network with peers and build new relationships. We offer multiple networking opportunities including social receptions and dinners (by invitation only), formal meeting rooms (available on a first come, first served basis), and informal coffee networking inside the summit venue. 

Embrace cutting-edge innovation

The Atrium exhibit hall provides hands-on examples of exciting commercial technologies from a few of the world's leading aerospace companies. Last year, we featured real-time commercial earth observation and remote sensing data, the future of eVTOL and sustainable aviation technologies, and the prototype of the astronaut space suit that will safely land humans on the surface of the moon.  

Sample Justification Memo

To help communicate the value of the U.S. Chamber’s Global Aerospace Summit to your leadership, we’ve created a sample business justification memo (.DOCX). We hope that it’s a useful resource in communicating the importance of your attendance for you and your organization.

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