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February 21, 2019


In the debate over ways to improve our health care system, one highly controversial idea, commonly known as “Medicare for All,” has garnered much attention. In short, “Medicare for All” is a government-run, tax-payer funded health care system that eliminates private health insurance.

In partnership with Morning Consult, we recently conducted a poll of 2,000 registered U.S. voters, seeking their opinions on America’s health care system and the “Medicare for All” proposal. Download the full report and explore the top-line findings below.

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How much would you say you know about “Medicare for All” health care?

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When respondents were polled about what kind of health care system they support, fewer than half (44%) support “a government-run health care system, financed by taxpayers that provides essential health care to all Americans and eliminates private health insurance plans, including those provided by employers.” This unpopular system is exactly where “Medicare for All” would lead our country.

Based on what you know, do you support or oppose each of the following health care policy changes?

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When asked what they would prefer Congress prioritize, 76% responded that they would rather see Congress focus on lowering health care costs for all Americans than creating a new government-run health care system.

Which would you most like to see happen in Congress?

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To summarize, the key findings from this poll found that a) most Americans don’t fully understand what “Medicare for All” really means, b) when informed, most Americans don’t actually support it, and c) what they truly want is lower costs, not government-run health care.

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Singlepayer results mc