October 05, 2021


Nine facts about about strengthening support for the employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) system.

  1. A recent analysis estimates that employer-sponsored coverage delivers $800 billion in personal value to American families and saves consumers $100 billion in health care costs each year.
  2. Employees value employer-sponsored coverage up to 84% more than the total cost of health coverage.
  3. Employer-sponsored insurance remains a vital coverage option for more than 160 million Americans and saves employees an estimated $625 per person each year on their health care.
  4. Researchers found that, under a proposal to expand Medicare to individuals aged 60-64, individuals earning between $18,000-$32,000 would pay more in premiums for Medicare than for many private plans.
  5. Researchers estimate that under a Medicare buy-in proposal, individuals purchasing coverage on their own could face premium increases up to 10 percent.
  6. Recent Congressional legislation that would establish a Medicare buy-in would increase federal spending by $184 billion over 10 years and only reduce the uninsured rate by .2 percent.
  7. The current Medicare system is designed to support seniors, however, a Medicare buy-in could result in a nationwide loss of over 44,000 physicians – a decrease of 5.4% – by 2050 leading to dramatically increased wait times for patients in need of care.
  8. Imposing a public option could lead to a new 4.8 percent payroll tax on American families over 30 years – far higher than the combined Medicare payroll tax Americans pay today.
  9. Recent estimates suggest that over 30 years, the public option would become the third most expensive government program behind only Medicare and Social Security and could add as much as $700 billion to the federal deficit in its first 10 years.