March 06, 2020


WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is launching four new task forces to prepare business for any potential long-term economic impacts of the coronavirus.

“The Chamber is making sure the business community is ready for any scenario because it’s essential to be prudent and prepared, but not overreact,” said Chamber President Suzanne Clark. “As we continue to monitor the virus situation, we are working on a long-term strategy to coordinate the business response, help businesses prepare, and make recommendations to policymakers should the impact of the virus become more widespread.

“The Chamber continues to urge that the response to the coronavirus is grounded in facts, not driven by fear. Americans should continue to monitor the situation, but feel confident as they go about their daily lives, head to work, conduct meetings, or drop their children off at school.”

To help the American business community and policymakers undertake responsible, fact-based planning, the Chamber is launching Member Task Forces focused on four areas of response:

Employee Support:How to assist individuals who are unable to earn their normal income for a sustained period.

Business Operational and Revenue Disruption:How to assist businesses, including through regulatory relief, who are closed or experience significant revenue disruption.

Supply Chain and Trade Disruption: How to manage and mitigate supply chain and trade disruptions.

Small and Medium Enterprises: How to address the unique needs of small and mid-size businesses.

“Businesses, working together with government, can help instill the confidence and calm that is necessary both to contain the coronavirus and keep our economy going,” said Clark. “The Chamber continues to operate at 100 percent. We just hosted 900 guests at our annual aviation summit on Thursday. Next week, in addition to events in D.C., we will be holding events in Cincinnati, Austin, Minneapolis, Jacksonville, Miami, and San Diego. We will continue to conduct our work based on facts, not fear.”

For more information on the Chamber’s response to the coronavirus, including a recording of a press conference held on March 4, visit