August 03, 2017


WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Chamber President and CEO of the Global Intellectual Property Center David Hirschmann today applauded Senate approval of Vishal J. Amin, President Trump’s nominee for White House Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC):

“The Chamber looks forward to working with Mr. Amin to ensure strong enforcement of our trade agreements; increased protections against illicit actors online; heightened security and efficiency measures at our borders and ports of entry; and support for effective voluntary agreements.

“We were pleased to support Mr. Amin’s nomination for the extremely important role of White House Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC). When Congress created this position as part of the PRO-IP Act of 2008, it did so with a strong bipartisan mandate to protect and promote our nation’s intellectual property assets. Intellectual property industries contribute nearly forty percent of U.S. GDP and impact nearly a third of the American workforce. Americans suffer real consequences when other countries or individuals disrespect, undermine, or infringe upon the rights of our innovators and creators. By uniting the efforts of the various executive branch agencies, the IPEC can be a tremendous force for good.”

The Chamber sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee leadership urging “swift consideration” of Amin's nomination ahead of his confirmation hearing earlier this year. The most recent Department of Commerce data shows that intellectual property generates 38 percent of our nation’s GDP, two-thirds of all exports, and supports more than 45 million jobs in 81 different industries.

The Chamber’s Global Intellectual Property Center is working around the world to champion intellectual property (IP) rights as vital to creating jobs, saving lives, advancing global economic growth, and generating breakthrough solutions to global challenges.

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