May 18, 2020


WASHINGTON, D.C.—As part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to help our members realize commercial opportunities in the world’s second largest economy and navigate ongoing challenges in U.S.-China relations, the Chamber today announced Michel Khalaf, president and CEO of MetLife, as the new Chairman of its China Center Advisory Board. Khalaf’s term will run through the end of 2022.

“The U.S. Chamber has long recognized the importance of the U.S.-China relationship. These are difficult times in our bilateral relationship and we need to maintain a functional relationship that serves the interests of all U.S. businesses, both big and small, their employees, and their customers,” said Tom Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “As we enter a new chapter of U.S.-China relations, we are pleased that Michel Khalaf has agreed to assume a leading role and help guide the work of the Chamber’s China Center. Michel’s appointment ensures that the Center has strong corporate leadership as we navigate a global economic environment with unprecedented challenges and complexity.”

“The U.S.-China relationship is more important than ever,” Khalaf said. “Despite current challenges, business engagement helps advance a mutually beneficial framework for long-term economic growth in both countries. The China Center plays a key role in driving constructive dialogue, and I am honored to help lead its efforts.”

The China Center promotes a robust, mutually beneficial, safe and secure U.S.-China relationship, and itsAdvisory Board, which launched in 2016, includes leading CEOs of U.S.-headquartered companies and former government leaders from both political parties. The Advisory Board guides the Center’s business and policy strategies,which helps the Center support commercial opportunities and address key policy challenges on behalf of its members.