North American Business Summit As Prepared 5 15 23


May 15, 2023


“Our countries don’t just trade with each other, we make things together.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Suzanne P. Clark discussed the importance of the relationship among the U.S., Canada, Mexico at the North American Business Summit on Monday, May 15.

North America “is better equipped than any other region to lead on the most pressing global priorities—things like AI, the diversification of semiconductor production, energy security and energy transition, food security, and critical minerals,” Clark noted.

At a time when free markets and democracy are threatened, North America can be a shining example to the world.

“If we don’t define global leadership—if we don’t lead on the global challenges and opportunities of the future—others, like China and Russia, will fill the void,” she added.

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North American Business Summit As Prepared 5 15 23