June 03, 2021



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its U.S.-UAE Business Program are ready to work with the Biden Administration as it considers the future of the U.S.-UAE bilateral relationship through the newly established Strategic Dialogue and continuation of the existing Economic Policy Dialogue.Over the past year, the UAE has aligned itself as a strategic ally on regional and geopolitical issues. In September 2020, the UAE, alongside Bahrain, and working closely with the United States, signed the Abraham Accords normalizing relations with Israel and establishing formal diplomatic recognition and economic ties between the two countries. In January 2021, the UAE joined other countries to end the rift with Qatar and lift the 3 ½-year embargo, further uniting the region. These strategic moves signal the UAE’s commitment to helping the Middle East navigate complex challenges and continuing its role as a key security and economic ally of the United States in the region.

As the UAE and the world emerge from the global pandemic, the U.S. Chamber recommends the Biden Administration consider “4 Big Ideas” to strengthen the U.S.-UAE strategic partnership, promoting innovation in sustainability, decarbonization and clean energy; launching t U.S.-UAE Digital Trade Dialogue; fostering cooperation in the financial services sector; and building a longterm U.S.-UAE health partnership.

Click the link above to read the Chamber's 4 Big Ideas for U.S.-UAE Ties.