Europe 2021 priorities policy recommendations for the new administration


January 26, 2021


2021 will be a pivotal year for the transatlantic relationship. There is much work to be done. We welcome the Biden Administration’s eagerness to take early steps to reframe ties with our allies in Europe and to collaborate in advancing our most immediate shared priorities: responding to the pandemic and ensuring a strong economic recovery; reforming the multilateral trading system; confronting commercial and geostrategic threats from China; and addressing climate change. We also call on the U.S. government to join with the private sector in opposing European policies and regulations that impinge on American companies’ ability to compete fairly in Europe. Finally, managing the inevitable disruptions from Brexit and pursuing a closer economic partnership with the United Kingdom are both significant and achievable goals.

The U.S. Chamber and the Chamber’s U.S.-UK Business Council look forward to working with the new Administration to strengthen our ties with Europe and the UK and ensure sustained prosperity and growth for American workers, businesses and consumers.

Please find the Chamber's Policy Recommendations for the New U.S. Administration: Europe and the UK, attached.

Europe 2021 priorities policy recommendations for the new administration