April 23, 2021


WASHINGTON, D.C.-The Brazil-U.S. Business Council (Council) applauds Brazil’s commitments on climate and curbing illegal deforestation, announced at the Leaders Summit on Climate by President Jair Bolsonaro on April 22. By pledging to reach greenhouse gas emissions neutrality by 2050, end illegal deforestation by 2030, and double funding for environmental enforcement efforts, Brazil is on a path to increasing investor confidence and enhancing sustainable economic opportunities.

The Council, representing the U.S. and Brazilian private sectors, has been an advocate for expanding environmental cooperation, as well as national efforts to address environmental sustainability, ecosystems, and biodiversity in Brazil. Over the course of the last two years, the Council has held frequent dialogues between the Brazilian Government, international companies, and global stakeholders to advance discussions on sustainable economic growth and global trade, deforestation, green capital investment, and resource efficiency.

We encourage Brazil to move quickly and implement environmental enforcement efforts and continue to have an open discussion with the private sector on climate commitments and progress. We see opportunities for Brazil to take a leading role, alongside the U.S., in global environmental dialogues and climate talks in 2021. There are also opportunities for both governments to expand bilateral environmental cooperation, including access to financing, developing the bioeconomy, and promoting renewable resources for building a green economy.

The Council and its members stand ready to support Brazil in its climate and sustainability commitments. We look forward to continuing constructive dialogues and offer ourselves as the platform to convey progress towards these goals to the business community.