U s business priorities for the uk eu future relationship august 2020


August 14, 2020


American companies have a keen interest in the negotiations on the post-Brexit trade relationship between the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU). U.S.- based firms have long-established supply chains and trading networks that crisscross Europe and the UK, giving them a substantial stake in the talks’ outcome. In the view of these U.S. companies, the UK and the EU must work together to minimize harmful and unnecessary disruptions to the movement of goods, services, data, people, and capital. Further, a strong partnership agreement between the UK and EU will boost the resiliency of both economies—more crucial than ever in the wake of the pandemic and economic crisis. Above all, both parties must make every effort to avoid a “no trade deal” scenario at the end of the year.

U.S. investors and exporters believe the attached principles should guide the negotiations.