January 26, 2018


Source: The Hill

From the pages of history books to the pages of newspapers, the centuries-old relationship between Africa and the United States doesn’t always make for easy reading. But mixed with that legacy are rich cultures, noble traditions, and people of remarkable potential that have shaped American society. Today, the vibrancy of the people of Africa continue to make a remarkable contribution to our country’s civic life and that of many other nations.

Africa’s economic contributions cannot be overlooked either. American businesses see extraordinary potential in Africa’s markets and recognize the long-term strategic planning it will take to fully tap into that potential. To do so, Congress and the administration must take action to help U.S. companies compete in African markets.

Last year, the U.S. Chamber’s U.S.-Africa Business Center released policy recommendations outlining what’s needed to drive American exports to Africa. The recommendations urge the U.S. to seek new free trade agreements and modernize current customs practices. Our recommendations also call on Africa to listen to concerns about the ease of doing business on the continent. The U.S. Chamber knows expanding economic opportunity does not happen overnight. However, we also know that through active engagement with African leaders, U.S. companies will be better positioned to compete around the world and create new jobs in our country.

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