May 02, 2024


Washington, D.C. - The U.S. Chamber of Commerce formally announced the U.S.-Oman Working Group during the first U.S.-Oman Economic Forum on April 23, 2024. The forum took place on the sidelines of the second strategic dialogue in Washington, D.C., and largely focused on the bilateral trade and investment relationship between the United States and Oman. While the U.S. and Oman have historically collaborated on security, the U.S. Chamber is focused on expanding partnerships with the Omani government and business leaders t to ensure a future of mutually beneficial commercial collaboration, innovation, and growth. 

“We are pleased to observe an increasing interest in the Omani market from the business community in the United States in recent years. The comprehensive reforms undertaken by Oman since 2020 represent a pivotal advancement aimed at enhancing the market's appeal for investment from the United States,” said Khush Choksy, Senior Vice President of Middle East, Central Asia and Türkiye. “We are looking forward to working closely with Omani government to further develop a balanced and predictable business environment where American companies can flourish.” 

The meeting included keynote remarks from senior government officials from both the U.S. and Oman, including The Honorable Ana Escrogima, U.S. Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, and His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa Al Harthy, Undersecretary for Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oman. The forum highlighted the benefits of the FTA and ways we can expand the trade relationship, as well as highlighted opportunities to expand on renewables and the energy transition in Oman.  

American companies have shown leadership in key sectors that promise to add value and pursue strategic ties in healthcare, technology, energy, and digitization, among others in Oman. The U.S.-Oman Working Group is a valuable business advocacy platform to showcase the leadership and innovation of the U.S. business community as we continue collaboration with Oman.