October 12, 2022


WASHINGTON, D.C.  The U.S.-Japan Business Council (USJBC) and Japan-U.S. Business Council (JUBC) held the 59th U.S.-Japan Business Conference focused on how U.S.-Japan commercial ties can serve as a stabilizing global force, and how to strengthen the private sector’s role in an increasingly complex economic environment. The Conference was attended by over 100 business executives from top U.S. and Japanese companies. 

“We were thrilled to hold the 59th Annual U.S.-Japan Business Conference in person for the first time in three years,” said USJBC Chairman Douglas Peterson, President and CEO of S&P Global. “The U.S.-Japan bilateral commercial relationship is more important than ever, and the Conference serves as an indispensable forum for American and Japanese senior business executives to renew connections, prioritize key business issues, and exchange views about the global economy.” 

"These two days of Conference were so exciting and insightful," said JUBC Chairman Jun Sawada, Chairman of NTT. "In today's uncertain environment, it is becoming increasingly important for business leaders in the U.S. and Japan to further deepen their partnership based on the universal values shared by our two countries." 

At the conclusion of the conference, the Councils ratified the Joint Statement, with sector-specific supplements, which can be found below: