July 17, 2019


ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN​ — The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-Pakistan Business Council (USPBC) led a business mission to Islamabad, Pakistan focused on strengthening the U.S.-Pakistan commercial relationship. The group, led by USPBC Chairman and former PepsiCo global vice chairman Mehmood Khan, was comprised of senior executives from a range of industries, including energy and infrastructure, healthcare, consumer products, and information and communications technology. The group reaffirmed the U.S. business community’s commitment to maintaining and expanding strong commercial ties.

“Our delegation of leading American businesses recognizes the enormous potential of Pakistan’s business environment. It is a market of nearly 200 million consumers, bubbling with talent and a bright future ahead of it,” said Mehmood Khan, Chairman of the U.S.-Pakistan Business Council. “During the course of our visit, we have underscored that U.S. businesses are eager to contribute to the Pakistani economy though jobs and investments—and look forward to building on the progress that has been made by the many USPBC members who have long been invested in the market.”

During the mission, the USPBC met with Prime Minister Imran Khan and other senior government officials and key stakeholders in the private sector. USPBC members emphasized a series of recommendations they believe can help sustain and attract foreign investment and enhance growth in the country. The delegation also focused on prospects for reform and concrete steps to advance U.S.-Pakistan business ties and explore new areas for partnership to promote private sector investment, drive innovation and job creation, and economic growth in both countries.

“What was most unique about this mission was the breadth of topics we discussed,” added USPBC President Esperanza Jelalian. “For example, Pakistan is going through a dramatic digital transformation similar to that in other dynamic economies, and it is really remarkable to see the progress that has been made over the more than two decades since I began working on the bilateral relationship.”

The U.S. Chamber’s U.S.-Pakistan Business Council (USPBC) is the leading business private sector association of U.S. companies with business and investment interests in Pakistan. Through our policy recommendations, our active engagement with U.S. and Pakistani government officials, private sector organizations and think tanks, and particularly our trade missions, the USPBC has worked to expand commercial opportunities and promote a level-playing field for American companies in Pakistan. Our membership is made up of senior-level executives of U.S. companies from every business sector that are major investors in Pakistan and are firmly committed to the Pakistani market.

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