December 20, 2019


WASHINGTON, D.C.- Marjorie Chorlins, executive director of the U.S. Chamber’s U.S.-UK Business Council issued the following statement in response to the UK Parliament Withdrawal Agreement legislation:

“American investors and exporters have repeatedly called for clarity and certainty as the UK looks to reset its relationship with the EU. Today’s decisive vote in the UK Parliament to adopt the Withdrawal Agreement legislation provides at least some of that clarity.

“We look forward to action early in the new year to set the stage for timely negotiation of a UK-EU trade agreement. In this, context, it is essential that the transition period beginning on February 1 continue until the new accord is finalized.​ We also look forward to working with negotiators to achieve a substantive U.S.-UK agreement that advances the interests of American investors and exporters.”

Key Stats on the U.S.-UK Commercial Relationship:

  • U.S. companies employ over 1.5 million Britons
  • U.S. companies have invested over $750 billion in the UK