June 29, 2019


WASHINGTON, D.C.- Myron Brilliant, executive vice president and head of international affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, issued the following statement today following the announcement that the U.S. and China will resume trade talks.

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is encouraged by today’s announcement by Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping that both governments will return to the negotiating table and refrain from further escalatory actions, including new tariffs that would damage businesses, workers, consumers and the global economy.

“We hope each side is now prepared to go the last mile to achieve a high-standard, comprehensive, enforceable agreement. China must commit to addressing longstanding unfair trade practices and industrial policies that prevent a level-playing field for U.S. companies. Opening markets, increasing IPR protection, and promoting fair and reciprocal opportunities in trade are in China’s own interest as it works to build a stronger and more innovative economy. If China makes the necessary commitments, the administration should take the necessary steps to lift tariffs that are harming U.S. manufacturers, farmers and consumers.”