USABC Dear President of Argentina Candidate Letter


August 04, 2023


The U.S. Chamber’s U.S.-Argentina Business Council (USABC) and its members are dedicated to strengthening the economic and commercial relationship between the United States and Argentina. Reinforcing the bilateral economic, commercial, security, and investment relations is of utmost importance to the USABC. We are convinced that under the right conditions and with the correct policies, the relationship will continue to grow. Accordingly, the USABC works with both governments to identify policy priorities and share best practices, aimed to strengthen trade relationships, increase competitiveness in the global market, and ensure mutual prosperity for the benefit of all.

This open letter aims to convey the USABC's vision regarding Argentina's enormous development potential and to make a constructive contribution to the public conversation during this electoral year while also ensuring that sustainable and inclusive economic growth becomes a reality for Argentina. Based on the ongoing dialogue we maintain with local representatives, in this open letter we identify a series of initiatives and reforms in critical areas –such as trade, energy, and innovation– which we believe the future government of Argentina should advance to create favorable conditions for unlocking its significant development potential, and with which the U.S.-Argentina Business Council is committed to collaborate.

USABC Dear President of Argentina Candidate Letter