Letter on Simplified Customs Procedures to Secretary of Commerce English March 2024


March 28, 2024


During the U.S.-Argentina Business Council's March 2024 Delegation, USABC delivered a letter to Undersecretary of Foreign Commerce, Esteban Marzorati, from the office of Pablo Lavigne, Argentina’s Secretary of Commerce. The letter supports reforms to the simplified customs procedures and echoes the Argentine Chamber of Express Industry International Service Providers (CAPSIA)'s letter sent on January 4th. We thank members for their comments, feedback, and suggestions.

Pablo Lavigne  

Secretary of Commerce

Hipólito Yrigoyen 250,  
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Dear Secretary Lavigne, 

On behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’ U.S.-Argentina Business Council (USABC), the leading entity dedicated to strengthening commercial and economic ties between both countries, we commend the efforts of the Argentine government, and especially your Secretariat, for undertaking fundamental reforms to improve the business climate in the country. Our companies are committed to investment and job creation in both markets and play a vital role in driving the growth of the economic partnership between the United States and Argentina.

The measures proposed and adopted by President Javier Milei, aimed at reducing bureaucratic burdens, generating competition, and facilitating trade, represent a significant step forward in Argentina's commercial integration into the world. The United States is one of Argentina's main trading partners, and we are convinced that, with the right conditions and policies, these bilateral economic relations can further grow. 

In this regard, we wish to express our full support for a reform of the simplified customs procedures for couriers in Argentina. As presented by CAPSIA—Express Industry Association-- to your office on January 4th of this year, improving the regulatory aspects of the express industry is crucial to enhancing the efficiency of foreign trade. 

Specifically, we would like to highlight the significant impact on Argentina's competitiveness and revenue efficiency, as well as on business and government operational productivity and efficiency, that the following measures would have: 

  • Increase in the value and weight limits of Courier operations. 
  • Allowing shipments requiring the intervention of a third-party agency to be processed via Courier. 
  • Simplification of the collection model based on international best practices through product families. 
  • Establishing a threshold below which shipments would not be subject to import duties (De Minimis). 

The USABC is fully available to discuss this topic or any other of interest in the bilateral economic relationship with the United States. We sincerely appreciate your attention and consideration regarding this matter. 


Isabel Quiroz 

Executive Director 

U.S.-Argentina Business Council 

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Letter on Simplified Customs Procedures to Secretary of Commerce English March 2024