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Small Business Membership

What can U.S. Chamber membership do for your small business?

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Membership Experience

Strength in numbers 

The Chamber works every day to advance your small business interests on Capitol Hill, at the White House and in the courts. Help represent small business owners and drive meaningful change for your business.

Intelligence that matters

Get the latest intelligence on the important issues, including a member exclusive twice-weekly email briefing from Chamber leadership. 

Impactful community 

Be an integral partner and voice in the world’s largest business organization, representing companies of all sizes across every industry.

Fill out the form to learn more about small business membership.

We are working every day to elevate the voice of America’s small business owners, highlight the role they play in the nation’s economy, and support Main Street businesses through challenging and uncertain times—like the ones we face now.

To speak to someone right now about membership, please call 1-800-638-6582.