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Fighting Big Labor’s Agenda at the NLRB

Boxing gloves to fight the NLRB

Act now to stop the NLRB’s Overreach

Members of Congress need to stand up for the rights of America’s workers and employers and hold the NLRB accountable. Take action now and tell your representative to support legislation that will stop the NLRB’s overreach and engage in aggressive, meaningful oversight of the agency.

The National Labor Relations Act calls for a balance between the interests of unions and business and for the NLRB to act as a neutral party in resolving disputes. Unfortunately, dramatic policy shifts threaten both workers and employers and will undermine the NLRB’s ability to act as an impartial agency.


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Does Current Law Require “Card-Check” Union Recognition? The National Labor Relations Act protects the right “to form, join, or assist” a union, and it also protects “the right to refrain from any or all of such activities...”

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Digging Deeper

A great deal of attention has recently focused on the so-called “revitalization” of unions, however, this would not be the first time the media has overplayed an uptick in organizing.

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