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Standing Against Property Confiscation

The BASIC Coalition is a powerful alliance dedicated to safeguarding America’s innovation ecosystem from government overreach and ensuring our continued global leadership.

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Collaboration between the public and private sectors is key to America's standing as the world’s leader in innovation. Unfortunately, a new proposal from the Biden Administration poses a threat to collaboration between the government and private actors and risks stifling U.S. innovation.  

Specifically, the new proposal would allow the government to “march in” and confiscate a company’s private intellectual property (IP) if that company ever received any federal funding. The misuse of march-in rights for price controls could devastate industries and diminish America’s role as the global innovation leader.   

In response, the U.S. Chamber and partner organizations created the Business Alliance to Stop Innovation Confiscation (BASIC) Coalition, bringing together diverse voices from the energy, technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, semiconductor and venture capital industries who share a common belief in the ability of free enterprise to solve problems, deliver solutions, and enhance lives.

A new proposal would upend the Bayh-Dole Act and allow the federal government to “march in” and seize the private property of businesses.

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Press Releases and FOIAs

Entrepreneurs face high stakes amid the government’s shift on protecting intellectual property rights.

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The U.S. Chamber challenges the Biden Administration's stonewalling of FOIA requests on "march-in rights" to find out how the plan to confiscate IP of businesses was made.

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