Air Date

September 12, 2023

Featured Guest

Adam Goldstein
Founder and CEO, Archer Aviation


Billy Nolen
Acting Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


For over a decade, there has been tremendous interest in developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and bringing it to market. As urban areas become more densely populated, eVTOL promises to alleviate road congestion while improving mobility for a city’s residents. 

Up to this point, the eVTOL industry has been primarily focused on R&D. Archer Aviation seeks to move beyond R&D and into the mass manufacturing and commercialization phase. In the five years since it was founded, Archer has developed a viable airborne vehicle that can carry 1,000 pounds of payload, can fly up to 100 miles at 150 miles per hour, and is completely powered by lithium-ion batteries. 

As of 2023, the company is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to get its aircraft certified. This would open the door for a safe, eco-friendly air transportation option in major U.S. cities. According to Archer Aviation Founder and CEO Adam Goldstein, the U.S. government can lead the way in eVTOL development through the right policies and support for aviation development at scale.