AmChams and Partners

American Chambers of Commerce and affiliates

American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) are independent, non-profit, business organizations located throughout the world. In Africa, AmChams play an important role as links between the private sector and the governments in their host countries and in the United States. Their unique positioning enables them to effectively lobby for the interests and needs of their members.

MOUs with foreign governments and business associations:

Advocacy and Congressional Engagement

Policy Advocacy

We regularly engage with the U.S. government on issues of importance to member companies and also work closely with African officials on regulatory matters that impact particular industries or the broader business community.

Regional Programs

North Africa

The Center is committed to supporting corporate participation in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. Working with senior government and business leaders in the midst of the changing political and economic landscape of North Africa, the U.S.-AfBC is promoting job creation, advancing measures supporting regional integration, and encouraging the removal of barriers to trade.

West and Central Africa

U.S.-ECOWAS Business Initiative

The U.S.-ECOWAS Business Initiative (USEBI) is a bilateral program composed of top American and West African companies (The CEO Forum) engaged in increasing two-way trade, removing or reducing commercial barriers, and fostering a better understanding of respective investment climates. USEBI accomplishes these objectives by developing policies in concert with relevant arms of the West African and U.S. governments, along with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) participating members.

Eastern and Southern Africa

Key priorities for the program include working with the U.S. and Eastern and Southern African governments and regional bodies to develop trade agreements, encouraging policies that foster innovation and the growth of the digital economy, and promoting greater U.S. business and investment linkages in these critical markets.

U.S.-South Africa Business Council

The U.S.-South Africa Business Council represents U.S. companies from virtually every sector participating in or looking to interact with the Southern African market, aiming to energize both governments and serving as a platform for companies to form lasting partnerships.