Explore the Brazil-U.S. Business Council

The Mission of the Brazil-U.S. Business Business Council

Our History

For more than four decades, the Brazil-U.S. Business Council has mobilized the world’s leading multinational corporations to enhance the bilateral economic relationship between the two countries. Advocating for free trade, free markets and free enterprise, the Council works closely with and on the behalf of members to advance policy objectives before the Brazilian and U.S. governments.

Our members

Members represent a variety of industries, including agriculture, banking and financial services, consumer goods, defense, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and technology, among others.

What we do

The Council collaborates with members to devise cross-cutting and sector specific agendas and support public policies that enhance bilateral economic relations. The Council offers members expert analysis, commercial insights and a platform to interact with senior officials and decision makers.

How we are different

With an emphasis on strategic advocacy and a presence in Washington and Brasília, the Council differentiates itself as the leading voice for private sector interests before the Brazilian and U.S. governments.