Our Policy Agenda

Overarching Priorities

I. Promote bilateral cooperation and help drive policies that ensure the appropriate environment for sustainable growth in trade and investment.

II. Strengthen the rule of lawto increase predictability, stability, and transparency in Argentina.

III. Support Argentina’s efforts to stabilize its economy, fulfil its commitments under the IMF program, and kick-start a process of sustainable growth.


Encourage both governments to expand and deepen their cooperation to foster an open, transparent and predictable environment for trade and investment.

• Meet with congressional stakeholders as well as presidential candidates and their teams to discuss key priorities:

• Normalization and stabilization of the economy.

• Consolidation of a single exchange rate.

• Lifting of restrictions on access to FX market.

• Ease price controls, import and cash restrictions.

• Promote Argentina’s integration to the global economy, through the modernization of Mercosur and the short/medium-term reduction of export taxes.

• Strengthen institutional dialogue and cooperation on trade and investment between the US and Argentina, including TIFA and Commercial Dialogue, among others.

• Promote trade facilitation and digitalization reforms.

• Promote a modern and flexible labor regimen.

• Encourage the adoption of good regulatory practices and transparency.

Energy and Sustainability

Encourage Argentina to materialize its energy potential, developing the necessary infrastructure and implementing market-oriented rules for the sector while reinforcing its efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.

• Promote Argentina to become a net exporter of both traditional and clean energy.

• Develop a policy framework that provides certainty and clear market rules to promote investment in the sector.

• Develop the key infrastructure (e.g., Vaca Muerta gas pipeline) and strengthen the private sector ecosystem for the sector’s growth.

• Promote an adjustment of energy tariffs to reflect market conditions.

• Encourage Argentina to guarantee stability and transparency for the development of the mining sector.

• Promote de development of clean energy sources.

• Continue to engage key government officials to cooperate on climate change, achieving sustainable development goals and supporting the net-zero transition.


Work with both governments to cooperate to create positive ecosystems for investment in technology, science and research.

• Promote the development of a regulatory framework which fosters investment in R&D.

• Reform the patentability criteria and extend the protection it affords to IPRs, thereby bringing these protections up to the level of international standards.

• Encourage the adoption of a modern data protection law which ensures the secure and efficient free flow of data.

• Support Argentina’s efforts to deploy 5G technology.

• Launch white paper on clinical trials and other opportunities for Argentina as part renewed attention to the health economy.