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Defense and Aerospace Export Council

The Defense and Aerospace Export Council shapes the legal, policy, and procedural practices of the U.S. and foreign governments that challenge U.S. industry’s continued success in global markets.

Defense and Aerospace Export Council

Working with the administration, the Congress, Pentagon, State Department, Commerce Department and think tanks, DAEC helps members influence investments by the U.S. government and champions continued federal aerospace investments for the post-pandemic global security environment.


Advance and shape the U.S. administration’s implementation of CAT and UAV policy change, through ongoing inter-agency discussions.

Facilitate and promote foreign government policies, legislation, and processes through the Chamber’s international council engagements.

Continue building support within the administration and with members of Congress to affect measurable change to ensure that our industries remain successful globally and have the support they need to increase market share.

Influence and expand industry’s domestic market share while advocating for sustained defense spending.


DAEC maintains unparalleled access to current and former policy makers, experts, and influential thought leaders across the global Defense and Aerospace industrial complex, including foreign government officials. Personal and professional long-standing relationships with members of the current Administration and foreign governments have enabled DAEC to provide business development-shaping intelligence to our members in real time.

In addition to the support and guidance offered by DAEC’s esteemed Advisory Board and network, DAEC has several ongoing programs within the inter-agency that provide exclusive and formidable opportunities to shape policy on behalf of its members.

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