Chamber comments european health data space final


July 26, 2021


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce welcomes the opportunity to provide the European Commission with comments on its digital health data and services – the European health data space survey.

Technology holds enormous benefits to enhance our ability to innovate and deliver health care. Whether applied to the research ecosystem for new medicines, the infrastructure of clinics, hospitals, and health care centers, or to the models for delivering health care information and services to rural populations, digital health technology utilization is central. As the European Commission develops its strategy for the health data space, policymakers have a critical opportunity to craft an approach that: boosts Europe’s digital and data-driven competitiveness, improves its attractiveness to foreign investors, catalyzes R&D in support of public health, facilitates strong economic growth, and, most importantly, improves the lives and health of European citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis amplify the importance of the choices that the EU faces. Our high-level recommendations are attached.

Chamber comments european health data space final