5 12 17 supplemental comments to epa on evaluation of existing regulations


May 12, 2017




The Office of Regulatory Policy and Management

Office of Policy

Environmental Protection Agency

1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Mail Code 1803A

Washington, DC 20460

RE:Response to EPA’s April 13, 2017, Request for Comments on Evaluation of Existing Regulations (Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OA-2017-0190)

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Chamber), the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations, and dedicated to promoting, protecting, and defending America’s free enterprise system, offers these supplemental comments in response to Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) April 13, 2017, request to identify regulations that eliminate jobs or inhibit job creation, are outdated, impose costs exceeding benefits, create serious inconsistencies, or rely on data not publicly available or insufficiently transparent to meet the standard of reproducibility. The comments below are in addition to the comments that the Chamber filed on May 9, 2017.1 The regulations identified in this submission are supplemental to our May 9, 2017, submission since they are regulations specifically identified by the President in Executive Orders and the Environmental Protection Agency has already initiated reviewing actions. The Chamber supports the administration’s efforts as stated below...

5 12 17 supplemental comments to epa on evaluation of existing regulations