200608 policingreform congress


June 08, 2020



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce welcomes the introduction of bills to reform policing policies. Well-functioning police departments holding the trust of the communities they serve are essential to a free society. Without taking away from the many officers and departments across this nation who by their actions have earned such trust, there is no doubt that change is necessary in police policy.

We are not experts in policing policy. We won’t pretend to suggest that we know exactly how policy ought to be changed to make an impact. What we do know is that while no single law can solve our problems, changes in policy can make a difference.

We call on all elected officials, Republicans and Democrats, to come together and, informed by experts, enact bipartisan policing reforms before Labor Day. We encourage Members to suggest ideas and recommendations in the days ahead and will award credit on the Chamber’s scorecard for Members of Congress who introduce or cosponsor proposals that advance impactful policing reform.

We look forward to participating in the dialogue and helping to address this important issue. But more importantly, we look forward to action that builds trust and moves our nation forward.


Neil L. Bradley

200608 policingreform congress