Sean Hackbarth

Sean Hackbarth
Senior Editor, Digital Content

Sean has written for various U.S. Chamber properties since 2011. In 1999, Sean launched a “weblog” and never looked back, becoming a self-proclaimed pioneer of the medium. At the Chamber, he writes about public policies affecting businesses including energy, health care, and regulations. When not battling those making it harder for American businesses to succeed, Sean raves about all things Wisconsin (his home state), religiously follows the Green Bay Packers, and posts food pictures to Instagram. In addition, Sean may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with Canadian power trio Rush.

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Save Small Business Initiative: A Year of Commitment and Action

Throughout the pandemic the Chamber has been on the side of small business and will continue to be there moving forward.

From Zero to Eight: Abbott’s Innovative Spirit Delivers Critical COVID-19 Tests

Abbott developed eight COVID-19 tests critical to helping diagnose COVID-19 and better understand it.

Fostering Inclusion in the Innovation Economy Drives American Competitiveness

"Diversity drives innovation, not the other way around," said U.S. Chamber President Suzanne Clark at the Global Innovation Policy Center's Equality of Opportunity in the Innovation Economy event on October 1. "Differing perspectives lead to differing ideas, and robust debate and discussion leads to more innovation and important breakthroughs."

Chamber’s Clark: Racial Equality is ‘Essential’ to U.S. Competitiveness

Lifting up all Americans and ensuring equal opportunity for all is a critical mission for the business community. 

On Monday at The Future of Business and Education event put on by the U.S. Chamber, Chamber President Suzanne Clark spoke about the continuing partnership between the business community and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to expand economic opportunity.

What Does the Business Community Want to Hear in the State of the Union?

They’ll be looking for sound, pro-business policies that will spur growth and job creation and support workers with rising wages.

American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Was Hard at Work in 2019

2019 was a productive year for the American Workforce Advisory Board, and 2020 should be too. Check out the highlights from this year.

‘A Patchwork is Not Acceptable’: Making the Case for a National Privacy Law

A national data privacy standard would continue innovation to flourish, keeping the United States a technology leader.

DonahueFavret's Maura Donahue: New Chairman Aims to Build on Chamber’s Strengths

Donahue, a business leader in Louisiana, served previously as chairman from 2005-2006.

Madeleine Albright Talks about Mandela’s Legacy and Business’ Role in Supporting Democracy

“He really was a shining light," said the former Secretary of State.

Why We Should Lift the Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on Canada and Mexico

A 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum on imports from Canada and Mexico remain in place.

Tax Reform Nine Months In: 600 Businesses (and Counting) Offer Raises, Bonuses

The economy is strong, and businesses are investing in their workers and communities.

‘We Are Caught in the Middle:’ Tariffs Hit Illinois Farmers and Manufacturers Hard

$3.8 billion of the state's exports are vulnerable due to the emerging trade war.

Workers, Farmers, Families, and Business are All Losers in a Trade War

Canada, Mexico, China, and the EU have imposed tariffs on over $58 billion worth of U.S. exports.

Here’s How Tax Reform is Working for American Workers, Businesses, and Families

Whether it’s through increased business investment, more jobs, or more pay, we're seeing tax reform’s benefits all across the country.

Tax Reform Boosts Middle Market Business Confidence to an All-Time High

Nearly 70% of business executives surveyed said the economy improved in the first quarter of 2018.

Small Businesses Love Tax Reform and are Bullish on the Economy

The Q1 Metlife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index moved up more than three points to 66.3.

In 1988 Ronald Reagan Explained Why We Should Be Thankful for Trade

President Reagan's Radio Address on Canadian Elections and Free Trade on November 26, 1988

“Back in 1776, our Founding Fathers believed that free trade was worth fighting for."

Small Businesses are Getting Antsy About the U.S. Economy. Passing Tax Reform Could Be Just the Thing.

The MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index rose in the fourth quarter.

NAFTA’s Future Spawns Uncertainty and Opportunity for Agriculture and Energy

U.S. farmers and businesses will be successful if negotiations result in greater access to North American markets.

Big Lease Sales Show Trump Administration is Serious about American Energy

We now have an administration that appreciates the good things America’s energy resources do for families, jobs, and the economy

Rep. Brady: Tax Reform Can 'Unleash the Vast Potential' of America

“Tax reform is all about delivering more jobs, bigger paychecks, and fairness,” the House Ways and Means Chairman said at the U.S. Chamber.

U.S. Chamber's Donohue: Exiting NAFTA Would Be a 'Costly Mistake'

Fourteen million American jobs depend on trade with Canada and Mexico, which are by far the U.S.’s largest export markets.

Post-Hurricane Rebuilding Could Be Stymied By Worker Shortage

While the commercial construction economy is good overall, two-thirds of contractors in the South have trouble finding workers.

Senator Warren, the Fiduciary Rule Leaves Retirement Savers Holding the Bag

Congress should work towards ways to make it easier for Americans to save for retirement.

Where Does Your State’s Legal Climate Rank?

Cooking Up Lawsuits: Where does your state's lawsuit climate rank?

South Dakota has the best legal climate, followed by Vermont, Idaho, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

Iowa Ag Producers Offer a Lesson Going into NAFTA Negotiations

A successfully modernized trade agreement will mean more opportunities for American companies, farmers, ranchers, and workers.

EPA: Our Air is Getting Cleaner as Our Economy Grows

At the same time, the economy has grown, reminding us that environmental improvement and economic growth aren’t mutually exclusive.

Why Retirement Savers Should Pay Attention to a Federal Court in New Orleans

The Fiduciary Rule, an Obama administration regulatory relic, imposes high costs on Americans.

Interior Department Will Speed Up Approving Oil and Natural Gas Permits on Federal Lands

The average time to process a drilling permit application for federal land was 257 days in 2016.

Lawyer Ads Scare People into Stop Taking Their Medicine

MEDICAL ALERT: Xarelto Drug Use: Blood Clots, Bleeding Complications, and Wound Infections?

"Medical Alert!" commercials have a bad side effect.

Contractors are Optimistic But Fear They Can’t Find Enough Skilled Workers

While two-thirds expect to hire in the next six months, six in ten have trouble finding skilled workers.

Eliminate the Cadillac Tax, Employers Remind Senate

The health care reform ball is in the Senate’s court. Over the last few weeks, a working group has been hashing out a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Franchisees Get Relief: Labor Department Axes Joint Employer Interpretation

But it doesn’t address the National Labor Relations Board’s 2015 ruling broadening the definition of a joint employer.

Small Business Index Should Remind Washington to Continue Pro-growth Progress

If there's progress on taxes, infrastructure, regulatory reform, and other issues, businesses will invest and grow.

Here’s What Businesses Are Looking for in Pro-Growth Tax Reform

The House Ways and Means Committee held its first hearing this year on comprehensive tax reform.

Oil is Flowing Through the Dakota Access Pipeline, and North Dakota is Benefiting

We're remindered that policies that support energy drives job creation and economic growth.

What Has President Trump Done So Far on Trade?

The administration is committed to expanding American exports, getting rid of foreign market access borders, and enforcing trade agreements.

The Future of Internet Regulation Means Going Back to What Has Worked

A regulatory light touch on the internet will support investment and innovation.

This Bill Introduced in the Senate Will Make Federal Regulations Smarter and More Effective

Improving how federal regulations are made would be a victory for a more competitive economy.

1500 Economists Agree. Let's Modernize the Immigration System for the Good of Our Economy.

Six Nobel Prize winners see fixing our broken system represents an opportunity to our economy.

Smart Move. Labor Department Delays Fiduciary Rule for 60 Days.

The Obama administration rule would limit access to retirement investment advice for small businesses and their workers.

Here’s What You Need to Know About President Trump’s Trade Executive Orders

President Donald Trump took action on one of the signature issues he ran on in the 2016 election.

How to Think About NAFTA as the U.S.-Mexico Energy Landscape Changes

Keeping barriers to the flow of investment and energy low is good for U.S. businesses, workers, and consumers.

This Trade Agreement Makes It Easier for Small Businesses to Sell Overseas

The Trade Facilitation Agreement will cut red tape and streamline customs procedures.

How the U.S. Can Strengthen Economic Ties with the 'Startup Nation'

The U.S.-Israel Business Initiative offers a series of recommendations in a new report.

How Congress and Trump are Taming the Regulatory Leviathan

What more than can be done is to pass the Regulatory Accountability Act and modernize how federal regulations are made.

Prime Minister Abe Praises U.S.-Japan Alliance as Key to Prosperity and Growth

Abe met with Congressional and business leaders at the U.S. Chamber.

Congress Rolls Back Energy and Federal Contractor Regulations

Congress is rolling back some of the regulatory red tape created by the Obama administration.

Using the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress can disapprove of regulations that have been finalized in the last 60 days Congress has been in session. When the resolutions of disapproval are signed by the president, they’re taken off the books.

Early in this session Congress has jumped right in working to relieve some regulatory burdens on businesses.

How the Regulatory Accountability Act Would Make EPA's Water Rule Better

Those affected by WOTUS could have pushed regulators to employ better, more thorough analyses in the rulemaking process.

President Trump Revives Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines

We now have an administration that is serious about putting American energy to work for the entire economy

On His Way Out Obama Again Gums up the Works for the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Army Corps of Engineers intends to prepare an environmental impact statement on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Thanks to Fracking, the U.S. Could Become a Net Energy Exporter in 10 Years

Good things happen when American innovation combines with a good energy policy.

Trump Could Reverse Obama’s Offshore Energy Ban with a Stroke of a Pen

The president's hollow and solely symbolic gift to “keep it in the ground" folks might not be long-lasting.

EPA Confirms that Source of America’s Energy Boom Doesn’t Threaten Drinking Water

Two million wells have been fracked over the decades--the catalyst for an American energy renaissance.

Obama Isn’t Just Attacking the Dakota Access Pipeline, He’s Attacking the Rule of Law

The lame duck administration put up another blockade in front of a needed energy infrastructure project.

The Last Time the U.S. Was a Net Exporter of Natural Gas, Elvis was at the Heartbreak Hotel

Thanks to fracking, we're feeding energy-hungry world markets and lowering domestic energy prices.

What We Need is Action. It’s Time to Finish the Dakota Access Pipeline.

What's there for the Army Corps of Engineers to consider, since it signed off on the project months ago?

EPA Can No Longer Dance Around the Consequences of Its Regulations

The agency says a court-ordered analysis of regulatory job effects will take at least two years.

President Obama Just Made the Dakota Access Pipeline Situation Worse

He took the rule of law, crumpled it up, and tossed along a riverbank in North Dakota.

Americans Aren't Freaking Out Over the Internet of Things DDOS Attack

A Chamber Technology Engagement Center poll finds that the public understands the value in internet-connected devices.

Romney: Improving the Legal Environment is Critical to American Competitiveness

If we want to get businesses to grow we need public policies that give them a reason to do so.

Obamacare Isn’t Going Away. Health Industry Leaders Tell Us Where Health Care Reform Should Go Now.

What policies do we need to build off America's employer-sponsored health coverage system?

Clinton and Trump Were Finally Asked About the Most Important (But Overlooked) Election Issue. They Whiffed.

At the third presidential debate Americans finally heard a question on reforming Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

With Federal Prosecution Off the Table Will EPA Hold Itself to a ‘Higher Standard’ Over Gold King Mine Spill?

If a business would have accidentally polluted a river, the agency would've thrown the book at it.

‘Keep It in the Ground’ Anti-Energy Extremists Attack Oil Pipelines

Cutting through fences, trampling on private property, and putting workers and citizens in danger is unacceptable.

Fracking is Making American Chemical Manufacturing More Competitive

The shale boom has increased access to the raw materials that become the products we use daily.

North Dakota Sheriff: Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Are ‘Hostile,’ ‘Armed,’ and ‘Not Peaceful’

Protests have intensified after the Obama administration took steps to halt the energy infrastructure project.

How America’s Immigration System Failed and Why We Need to Fix It

With meaningful reforms, we can promote both national security and economic growth and solve a problem Americans have long wanted fixed.

Clinton and Trump Should’ve Put More Pro-Growth Meat on the Bones in 1st Debate

We don’t know any more about what they’d do for the economy than before the debate.

‘Keep It in the Ground’ Takes Pipeline Protest to the White House

Energy opponents, whose lifestyles revolve around abundant energy, cheered calls for "no pipelines."

Obama Administration Gives Into 'Keep It In the Ground' and Blocks Dakota Access Pipeline Construction

They have been completely co-opted by “Keep it in the ground” extremists.

‘Uncivil’ Disobedience is Name of the Game for Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

Energy opponents continue to use water and cultural concerns to mask their true, anti-energy agenda.

Small Business Franchise Owners Pay the Price for NLRB’s Joint-Employer Change

Undercutting franchising--as a gift to union organizers--is foolish because it cuts off a proven path to success.

President Obama’s Science Adviser is Right: ‘Keep It In the Ground’ is ‘Unrealistic’

“We are still a very heavily fossil-fuel dependent world," said John Holdren.

University of Cincinnati Has an Anti-Fracking Bias Problem

Researchers retracted a 2015 paper that found hydraulic fracturing exposed people to unhealthy levels of air pollution in Ohio.

Thanks to Fracking U.S. Has More Reserves Than Russia and Saudi Arabia

Oil and natural gas once trapped in shale rock is now technologically feasible to produce.

The 2013 Trump Was a Lot Better on Trade Than the 2016 Version

The presidential candidate wrote, "The future of Europe, as well as the United States, depends on a cohesive global economy."

U.S. Chamber's Donohue: Critics Like Sen. Warren Need to Stop Vilifying Wall Street

Placing all the ills of the economy at the doorstep of our financial industry is fundamentally wrong and unfair.

U.S. Energy Security Continues Improving Thanks to Fracking

The U.S. moved up two spots in the latest International Energy Security Index from the Institute for 21st Century Energy.

Business Leaders: A Competitive U.S. Economy Needs Great Infrastructure

Companies of all sizes depend on roads, docks, and airports to ship and receive goods both locally and globally.

Campaign Bluster Isn’t Stopping U.S. Chamber’s Pro-Trade Work

“We're better off with more trade agreements,” says U.S. Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue. “More American exports mean more jobs."

Infographic: Health Care Would Be in a World of Hurt Without Petroleum

Step into hospital or clinic, and you’re surrounded by objects that come from oil and natural gas.

Setting Things Straight: Bill McKibben is Very Wrong About Fracking

The anti-energy activist is "misleading" the public with horror stories about water contamination and air pollution.

Here Are 6 Ways Energy Companies Are Using Innovation to Endure Low Oil Prices

In each step of the development process, companies are using the latest technologies to get the energy we need.

States Fighting Clean Power Plan Must Reduce Carbon Emissions 8 Times More Than States Backing It

States fighting federal carbon rules rely more on affordable, abundant coal for electricity.

Business and Education Leaders are Stepping Up in Arizona. An Interview with Gov. Doug Ducey.

"Any business that is having success is growing and in need of new talent."

Investors Want Personal Advice, But Retirement Rule Means They’ll Get Less of It

Millions of Americans will lose access to personalized, proactive investment advice.

A $110 Billion Black Hole Explains the Sorry State of Financial Regulation

Since the 2008 economic crisis, financial institutions have been under siege by regulators and self-serving politicians.

EEOC’s Massive Pay Data Form Won’t Help It Fight Discrimination

Its proposal fails to account for legitimate, non-discriminatory factors that affect employee pay.

Obama Sides with 'Keep It In the Ground' Fanatics and Abandons Atlantic Coast Development

Interior Department excludes Atlantic Coast from offshore drilling plan.

'No Evidence' that Fracking Contaminates Water, Declares University of Cincinnati Research

The innovative study sampled water before, during, and after hydraulic fracturing took place.