July 13, 2023


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, in cooperation with NASA, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosted the workshop, “How Data from Space is Impacting Life on Earth,” convening public and private sector leaders from agriculture, forestry, disaster response, and financial services to discuss how space data is transforming their industries. Speakers and panelists included Julie Robinson, Deputy Director of NASA’s Earth Science Division ; NASA Chief Economist Alex MacDonald ; Dr. Mark Jekanowski, Chairman of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s World Agricultural Outlook Board ; and John Neal, the U.S. Chamber’s Executive Director of Space Policy. 

Julie Robinson said, “Earth observation data available through NASA’s Earth Information Center improves millions of Americans’ day-to-day lives and enables companies to better forecast crop yields, respond to natural disasters, and more accurately assess market opportunities and business risk. At NASA, we’re excited to continue to work with the private sector to ensure that responsible use of satellite applications improves life on earth long into the future.” 

John Neal said, “Industries everywhere are taking a giant leap into space, increasingly using satellite data to solve problems and enhance products and services used by millions of Americans every day. Despite this, the importance of space in our daily life often goes unknown to the American public and many of our lawmakers. As evidenced by today’s dialogue, space’s role in the economy should be on the minds of Americans and policymakers alike whose lives are impacted by wildfires, flood and hurricanes as well as industries such as telecommunications, weather prediction, agriculture, financial services, and transportation and infrastructure—virtually all of us. As the space economy grows, the U.S. Chamber stands ready to continue to be a trusted partner and engaged advocate.”