Ntia iot comments 3 13 17 as filed by c tec


March 13, 2017


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Technology Engagement Center, C_TEC, was established to advance technology’s role in the U.S. economy. Our members are excited about the future of technology to drive growth, jobs, and life-changing advances in transportation, medicine, consumer experiences, and business operations. C_TEC promotes policies that foster innovation and creativity, and sponsors research to inform policymakers and the public.

C_TEC appreciates NTIA’s efforts to help the Department of Commerce (“DOC”) and the entire government to understand the role of the Internet of Things (“IoT”) in the digital economy. We agree with many of NTIA’s conclusions, particularly the recognition that new regulations are not needed; indeed, they may be counterproductive. As NTIA takes feedback on the Green Paper and considers how to support policy and innovation in the new Administration, C_TEC urges the government to think big about the future and advance IoT by:

• Promoting data–driven decisions and consistent, broad definitions that recognize the diversity of IoT;

• Promoting global, voluntary and open industry-led standards, supporting interoperability and the free flow of information;

• Promoting security through partnerships, education, and reduction of liability risk;

• Removing barriers to infrastructure deployment and avoiding regulation and fragmentation.

NTIA can contribute to the future of IoT by coordinating government activity and insisting on data-driven decision making. As a convener of American innovators, C_TEC is ready to help the government promote the limitless potential of IoT.

Ntia iot comments 3 13 17 as filed by c tec