180312 s2510 theopen internet preservation act thankyou kennedy


March 16, 2018


March 14, 2018

The Honorable John N. Kennedy

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Kennedy:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce applauds your leadership on efforts to restore regulatory certainty to the internet ecosystem by introducing S. 2510, the “Open Internet Preservation Act.” This legislation is critical to advancing the debate in Congress about the future of the internet.

While we do not support the Title II, public-utility style regulation of the internet that was imposed by the 2015 Open Internet Order and repealed under the leadership of Chairman Ajit Pai, the U.S. Chamber strongly endorses net neutrality principles and the rights of consumers to access their favorite legal online content and websites. A clean bill regarding net neutrality that undergoes hearings and regular order is the preferable means to achieving a legislative solution to this issue.

We encourage all members of the House of Representatives and Senate to work together to establish long-term clarity and certainty to the regulatory framework that guides broadband which will be critical to connecting all Americans and spurring innovation necessary for economic growth.


Neil Bradley

Executive Vice President & Chief Policy Officer

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

180312 s2510 theopen internet preservation act thankyou kennedy