240603 Coalition H R 6213 National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act House Leadership


June 03, 2024


To the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives:​

To secure American leadership in quantum computing, the undersigned organizations urge the House to expeditiously pass H.R. 6213, the National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act, bipartisan legislation which was unanimously reported by the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Revolutionary quantum technologies promise to unlock discoveries in areas as diverse as healthcare, cures and pharmaceuticals, modeling of sophisticated logistics solutions, engineering and design, and more precise and secure communication.  Commercial applications show great promise and these technologies will also contribute substantially to national defense.

In 2018, Congress recognized the importance of American leadership in this new technological frontier with the National Quantum Initiative that authorized $1.275 billion over five years to facilitate research and development, develop the workforce, and coordinate activities across federal agencies. H.R. 6213 would bolster these efforts by broadening access to quantum computing, facilitating commercialization and deployment, and promoting collaboration with U.S. allies.

The nations that lead in quantum development and commercialization will reap a global strategic advantage. Other countries – especially China – are making significant investments in this area and are challenging U.S. leadership in this realm.  H.R 6213 would ensure that government resources help support and leverage already significant private sector investments.

We strongly support the National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act and respectfully ask that it be enacted this year.


Alliance for Digital Innovation
BSA | The Software Alliance
Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
National Association of Manufacturers
The Quantum Economic Development Consortium
Quantum Industry Coalition
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

240603 Coalition H R 6213 National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act House Leadership